iDigi Tank for Storage Tank Monitoring Applications

iDigi Tank, from Digi International, is a wireless M2M solutions bundle optimized for storage tank monitoring. iDigi Tank includes the hardware, hosted software and services necessary to quickly and easily build applications for connecting remote tanks of liquids, solids, and gases. iDigi Tank is a comprehensive tank monitoring solution that dramatically speeds time to market of tank monitoring and management applications and has demonstrated double digit savings for several Digi partners. iDigi development kits are available now for $149.

iDigi Tank Solution

  • Digi’s wired and wireless communication gateways and ZigBee modules and adapters
  • The iDigi platform, which provides management, messaging and storage services to connect remote assets and enterprise applications
  • iDigi Dia device connection software, available for Digi gateway products
  • “Plug-n-Play” support for a growing library of tank monitoring assets (sensors, relays and other monitor & control components)
  • iDigi application partners, with ready-to-implement tank management applications
  • iDigi Tank examples to jump-start your own application initiatives
  • Digi Professional Services for device and solution design, deployment planning, integration and optimization

The iDigi Tank is powered by the iDigi platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that quickly and easily connects remote assets to a customer’s applications. The iDigi platform runs on a grid of Digi-managed servers and fully supports Cloud-to-Cloud interconnections. As an on-demand model, customers pay only for services consumed, conserving capital and requiring no infrastructure. Customers access iDigi via secure login, providing instant access to remote tank assets. iDigi also provides a free online development environment where developers can build and test their tank management solutions.

iDigi Tank includes Digi’s comprehensive family of wired and wireless communication products that integrate easily with remote tanks, including cellular gateways and a wide variety of wireless endpoint modules and adapters. It also features ready-to-run sample programs to jump start an application, and device connectivity software that simplifies connecting remote tank assets over a variety of network environments and protocols. Device design services and wireless implementation services such as network design, site surveys, planning and optimization are also available through iDigi Tank.

More info: iDigi Tank (pdf)