Cypress CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx Programmable System-on-Chips

Cypress Semiconductor announced the CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx PSoC programmable system-on-chips with enhanced analog and digital performance. The CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx PSoC devices give engineers more design flexibility through greater configurability and better performance of digital resources for implementing PWMs, timers, communication interfaces such as I2C and SPI, and more. The CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx PSoC devices are in production now. They are available in multiple configurations, and come in 44-pin TQFP and 28-pin SOIC packages.

Cypress CY8C22545 PSoC DeviceLeveraging a dedicated dual-channel CapSense capacitive touch-sensing interface, a capability called CapSense Plus enables a single new PSoC device to implement multiple buttons and slider interfaces while managing functions such as motor control, intelligent sensing, LED control, and more. The CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx chips are ideal for white goods, communications, industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, and other markets.

CY8C21x45 and CY8C22xxx PSoC Features

  • Hardware real-time clock and PWM deadband and single/multi shot support
  • Dedicated Successive-Approximation Register (SAR) Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with sample and hold capability delivering sampling rates up to 150 ksps
  • Every I/O to be analog or digital with easy accessibility
  • 2-channel dedicated peripherals to implement up to 37 CapSense touch-sensing buttons with support for additional functions
  • Shift function register support
  • Variable length Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) from 8-bit to approximately 16-bit
  • I2C hardware address matching
  • Hardware Real-Time Clock
  • Dual analog bus for SAR ADC

More info: Cypress PSoC