Atmel AT91SAM3U ARM Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller

The Atmel AT91SAM3U is the first ARM Cortex-M3 Flash microcontroller with integrated 480 Mbps USB Device-and-Transceiver, 4-bit 192 Mbps SDIO/SDCard 2.0, 8-bit 384 Mbps MMC 4.3 Host, and 48 Mpbs SPI interfaces. The SAM3U is ideal for high speed gateways in industrial, medical, data processing, and consumer applications. The AT91SAM3U is available in Flash memory densities of 64k, 128k, and 256k Bytes and ships in 100 and 144 pin 0.5mm pitch QFP and 0.8 mm pitch BGA packages. Samples are available now. Production volumes will be available in 4Q09, with prices starting at US$3.50 in quantities of 10k units.

Atmel AT91SAM3U Microcontroller Highlights

  • Power Optimization
    The SAM3U incorporates a sophisticated power management regime that minimizes power consumption under all conditions of use. The device can be put in Backup mode with the core and peripherals powered down, in which power consumption is only 2.5 uA. Wake-up from backup mode can be triggered by multiple sources and is accelerated via a high speed on-chip RC Oscillator reducing the average power consumption critical for battery operated systems.

  • Code Portability Between SAM7 and SAM3 MCUs
    The Cortex-M3 core has a completely new instruction set architecture, different from previous ARM cores. Migrating legacy ARM7 code to the Cortex-M3 requires a complete re-write of the assembler code. Atmel has taken steps to ensure maximum code portability between its ARM7-, ARM9- and Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers. Its SAM7, SAM9 and Cortex-M3-based SAM3 MCUs have identical hardware abstraction layers and a unified programming model, as well as common peripherals that provide near-recompile-and-go code portability between devices.

  • Comprehensive Support Eco-system
    Atmel’s SAM3U flash MCU is supported by a rapidly growing number of development tools, real-time operating systems (RTOS), middleware products and technical support services from industry-leading third parties that include IAR, Keil, Micrium, and Segger. Atmel provides a software package with register descriptions and device drivers for all peripherals, along with project examples that ease the use of the microcontroller. The SAM3U Evaluation Kit is available for benchmarking and a quick start in application development.

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