Future Wireless Control Reference Design

Future Lighting Solutions and Freescale created a wireless control reference design for the rapid development of wireless control applications in any industry — including wireless color mixing and light dimming for solid-state lighting applications. The reference design features Freescale components and IEEE 802.15.4 protocols to provide highly reliable, long-range, low-power wireless connectivity. The Future wireless control reference is available immediately in small quantities.

Wireless Control Reference Design

  • MC13213 System in Package (SIP)
    Integrates a low-power 2.4 GHz radio frequency transceiver and an 8-bit microcontroller in a compact 9x9mm LGA package that can drive wireless sensing and control applications using the Simple MAC, IEEE 802.15.4 Compliant MAC or ZigBee protocols
  • MPR031 and MPR032 Sensor Controllers
    The low-power capacitive touch sensor controllers offer high sensitivity and a specialized feature set — such as a settable capacitance range, that enables use for a wide range of applications
  • MC34673 Battery Charger
    Cost-effective fully integrated battery charger for Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries

The reference design kit consists of transceiver, controller, and slave boards. The Future reference design enables fixture manufacturers and wireless control engineers to shorten the design cycle for remote control of color-changing LED projects, but it can be used for wireless controls of any kind — including home automation, building automation and consumer electronics.

More info: Future Lighting Solutions | Freescale Semiconductor