WonderMedia PRIZM Platform for Networked Multimedia Applications

WonderMedia Technologies launched the PRIZM platform, which is a high performance, power-efficient solution for intelligent networked multimedia applications. The PRIZM platform integrates a high performance ARM processor, programmable DSP core, and video decoding and processing hardware together with essential memory, networking and peripheral controllers. WonderMedia PRIZM enables a wide range of instant-on, Internet-centric electronic devices.

WonderMedia PRIZM platformThe WonderMedia PRIZM platform is optimized for multimedia applications with an optional MMX-enhanced DSP and the latest hardware video decoding and processing hardware offering a rich visual and audio experience. WonderMedia PRIZM merges the latest in SoC and software technologies to give system developers all the tools with which to create these stylish new Cloud-connected devices. The PRIZM platform supports Microsoft Windows CE, Linux, and Android. PRIZM offers built-in GE/FE Ethernet MAC, interface with Wi-Fi, 3+G and Bluetooth. The platform features the wide range of connectivity options required of today’s Internet and client devices.

WonderMedia is a turnkey solution that offers system developers a platform upon which they can create innovative and exciting new designs or add value to existing product categories. The WonderMedia PRIZM platform supports full DLNA capabilities and is compliant with the Microsoft Windows 7 Networked Media Device (NMD) logo program. The platform also supports multimedia applications that use Adobe Flash Lite for smooth playback of web-based Flash content.

More info: WonderMedia Technologies