Renesas SH7761 32-Bit Microprocessor for Car Information Equipment

Renesas Technology introduced the SH7761 32-bit microprocessor for car information equipment. The SH7761 features high-speed operation (400 MHz), high-speed communication, sophisticated voice recognition, and improved connectivity with onboard LANs and memory cards. Sample shipments will begin in August 2009. The 449-pin BGA SH7761 (R8A77610DA01BGV) is priced at $46.

Renesas Technology SH7761 32-Bit Microprocessor for Car Information Equipment

SH7761 Features

  • High processing performance of 720 MIPS at maximum operating speed of 400 MHz
    The SH7761 incorporates the SuperH Family’s top-end SH-4A CPU core and achieves processing performance of 720 MIPS at a maximum operating frequency of 400 MHz, twice as fast as the earlier SH7760. This enables it to support the increasingly sophisticated voice recognition processing functionality (such as the ability to respond to natural language input) essential for hands-free applications.

  • High-speed DDR2-SDRAM interface for faster data transfer speed
    The DDR2-SDRAM (Double Data Rate 2 Synchronous DRAM) interface allows connection of DDR2-SDRAM, which is faster than the SDRAM supported by the earlier SH7760. This enables data transmission at higher speeds and improved system performance overall.

  • Integration on a single chip of peripheral functions required by next-generation equipment, helping to reduce overall system cost
    A wide variety of on-chip peripheral functions are provided in order to implement the main functions of next-generation telematics and hands-free systems with a single chip. Bluetooth is used for connections with mobile phones, and a high-speed serial communication interface (max. 4 Mbps) is provided to accommodate Bluetooth modules with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR support. Also included are a 2-port USB interface supporting USB 2.0 high-speed mode for connecting portable music players and multiple sound interfaces for voice input and output.

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