Renesas SH77722 SoC for Car Navigation and Infotainment Systems

The Renesas SH77722 is the newest member of SH-NaviJ series of SoC products for car navigation and infotainment. The SH77722 is ideal for compact portable navigation systems and low-end through mid-range dashboard-mounted car navigation and infotainment systems. The SH-NaviJ SoC products implement car navigation and infotainment system functions compactly in a single chip, while at the same time taking advantage of a on-chip graphics rendering engine for high-quality map drawing and other graphical functions. The 449-pin BGA SH77722 (R8A77722DA01BGV) is priced at $52. Sample shipments will begin in July 2009.

Renesas SH77722 (SH-NaviJ2) SoC for Car Navigation and Infotainment Systems

SH77722 (SH-NaviJ2) Highlights

  • 32-bit bus for the DDR2 SDRAM memory interface allows the SH77722 to implement higher-speed advanced graphics functions
    The data transfer efficiency has been increased by doubling the bus width of the DDR2 SDRAM (double data rate 2 synchronous DRAM) memory interface from 16 to 32 bits. This makes it possible for the SH-NaviJ2 to draw a wide range of fast 3D graphics such as map and GUI (graphical user interface) at a higher speed.

  • Two-screen display support for implementing a wide range of applications
    Two-screen displays are achieved by mainly doubling the bus width for DDR2 SDRAM. One channel supports digital RGB output and the other channel includes an LVDS interface. This LVDS interface provides low- noise, high-noise resistance and high-speed data transmission, which makes it possible to transmit image data to a remote monitor with a minimal number of lines.

  • In-car network functionality strengthened by the inclusion of a MOST interface and other functions
    The SH77722 features two CAN interface channels, which is the industry standard automotive network. The SH77722 also now includes a MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) interface, which is the standard automotive network for information systems. This makes it easy to implement a LAN that connects the automotive information system equipment in the car.

  • Line-up of two devices that are the different maximum clock frequency enables a variety of car information systems to be handled
    The SH77722 is provided in two versions: one with a 336 MHz maximum operating frequency and 600 million instructions per second (MIPS) processing performance, and one with a 400 MHz and 720MIPS. This line-up allows the user to choose the most suitable SoC for his particular system.

  • Compact package reduced in size by 17% from the earlier package
    Despite providing increased functionality, such as the MOST interface over the SH-NaviJ1, the SH-NaviJ2 is provided in a 21 x 21 mm 449-pin BGA package that reduces the mounting area by 17%. Thus the SH77722 can also contribute to system miniaturization.

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