Renesas SH-MobileR2R Application Processor with HD Video Support

Renesas Technology America rolled out the SH-MobileR2R (product name: SH7724) application processor for mobile devices. The SH-MobileR2R is ideal for IP security cameras, car navigation systems, and personal navigation devices (PNDs) supporting the terrestrial digital TV broadcast standard. The SH7724 features the ability to play and record high-definition (1,280 × 720 pixels) video. Sample shipments will begin in August. The 449-pin BGA version is priced at 36.00 in 10k quantities. The 441-pin POP-compatible BGA version is priced at 31.00 in 10k quantities.

Renesas SH-MobileR2R Application Processor with HD Video SupportSH-MobileR2R Features

  • Terrestrial digital TV broadcast support and HD video playback and recording
    Terrestrial digital TV broadcast support is provided by the VPU5F (Video Processing Unit 5F) high-performance multi-codec video processing IP, which supports the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (abbreviated below as H.264) video compression standard used in several models of terrestrial digital broadcasts for mobile applications. In the SH-MobileR2R, the VPU5F delivers approximately 2.5 times the processing performance of the earlier SH-MobileR2, enabling encoding (recording) and decoding (playback) of HD video at 30 frames per second (fps). MPEG-4 encoding/decoding and VC-1 decoding are also supported, providing compatibility with a wide range of video applications such as HD video cameras. It is also possible to add support for terrestrial digital broadcast formats used outside of Japan, such as DVB-H, which is used in Europe; DMB, which is used in South Korea; and CMMB, which is used in China.

  • Two camera module interfaces combined with VPU5F and JPU
    There are two CEUs (Capturing Engine Unit) in the Video I/O which support up to 5M pixel image capture. The VPU5F has the flexibility to encode 1 channel of HD encode stream or 2 channels of standard-definition (720×480 pixels), abbreviated below as SD encode streams. The JPU (JPEG Processing Unit) supports the Motion JPEG encode stream. The SH-MobileR2R enables implementation of multiple video streams with different type of codec using a single chip.

  • High operating frequency of 500 MHz for high-performance processing of tasks such as simultaneous two-screen display
    The SH-MobileR2R is built around the SH-4A high-performance CPU core, which is also incorporated in products designed for high-end built-in car navigation systems and integrates a floating-point processing unit (FPU) to improve the efficiency of video and audio processing. In the SH-MobileR2R, the maximum operating frequency of the CPU has been boosted to 500 MHz, approximately 1.3 times as fast as the existing product, SH-MobileR2. When operating at 500 MHz, general processing performance is 900 million instructions per second (MIPS) and FPU processing performance is 3.5 giga [billion] floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS). This enables parallel processing of multiple applications, such as simultaneous dual-screen display of both the car navigation system screen and a rear monitor screen, and provides ample processing power to handle a general-purpose OS such as Windows CE or Linux, either of which imposes a larger processing load than a custom OS would.

  • Full complement of high-performance peripheral functions for multimedia applications
    For map rendering, the SH-MobileR2R integrates a 2-D graphics accelerator that delivers better rendering performance than the existing SH-MobileR2. This enables high-quality map rendering at high speed. For audio processing, the SH-MobileR2R has a 24-bit dedicated audio DSP that supports compression formats that include Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), MP3, and Windows Media Audio (WMA) with plenty of processing power to spare. Since the 24-bit dedicated audio DSP also handles the aacPlus(Advanced Audio Coding Plus) audio compression format used by terrestrial digital broadcasts, this processing no longer needs to be performed by software. The resulting reduction in the CPU’s processing load is equivalent to approximately 50 MHz. This reduces power consumption, enabling TV broadcasts to be watched for a longer period of time. The many on-chip peripheral functions include a 24-bit TFT color LCD controller, a USB 2.0 Host/Function module (with high-speed data transfer mode support), an ATAPI controller for connecting a hard disk or DVD drive, an SD host controller with support for high-speed data transfer mode, and an Ethernet MAC (Media Access Control) controller for applications such as IP security cameras that supports connection to a 10M/100M bps (bits per second) Ethernet LAN.

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