SMSC USB4640 High-Speed Inter-Chip for Embedded Applications

The SMSC USB4640 is a Hub and Flash Media Card Reader Combo solution with a High-Speed Inter-Chip (HSIC) interface. The single-package, dual function USB4640 offers USB port expansion and flash media card reader access to users by connecting to a SoC host port using the new High-Speed Inter-Chip USB Electrical Specification Version 1.0 interface. Product samples of the USB4640 are available today. Production quantities can be purchased at a price of $2.50 per unit in 1K quantities.

The SMSC USB4640 is available in a 48-pin QFN (7x7mm) lead-free, RoHS-compliant package. It is also available as an industrial temperature qualified device supporting -40° to 85° Celsius, thus enabling improved thermal characteristics that are required for many embedded applications. The device reduces the complexity of the SoC and system power consumption and offers a versatile, cost-effective means to reduce bill of materials costs and footprint by integrating USB hub and card reader functions in a single chip.

SMSC USB4640 Highlights

  • Reduces power consumption by approximately 20 percent with HSIC upstream versus alternative SMSC USB upstream based solutions
  • Integrated Hub and Flash Media Card Reader Combo solution optimizes footprint with an approximate 40 percent board space reduction, when compared to prior SMSC discrete devices
  • HSIC interface reduces the complexity of the host system SoC by eliminating the analog USB circuit
  • The HSIC interface is transparent to software therefore HSIC is fully backward compatible to existing USB 2.0 software and drivers

HSIC is a newly introduced USB standard. It is a 2-wire digital bus that enables the use of USB protocol as a low-power, chip-to-chip interconnect, while taking advantage of the broad availability of existing USB drivers and software. This interface reduces power consumption and eliminates analog circuitry from the SoC and USB upstream port. Target applications include digital TVs, printers, PCs, portable CE, gaming consoles and embedded systems.

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