Ocular 10.1-inch Crystal Touch Screens

Ocular’s Crystal Touch line of projected capacitive touch screens now include 10.1-inch capacitive touch screens for netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MID), and other types of devices. Until now, the largest projected capacitive touch screens were only available in small form factors, limiting the technology’s application to a few smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone, and media players.

Crystal Touch screens are now available in several standard TFT sizes, including 3.5-in., 4.3-in., 5.7-in., 7-in., 10.1-in . and in customized sizes determined by application requirements. Depending on the size and quantity, pricing begins at $22. Volume pricing is available in OEM quantities. Integrated solutions that combine a TFT display with a Crystal Touch screen are also available.

Ocular’s all-glass Crystal Touch capacitive touch screens are extremely durable and offer crystal clear clarity. In contrast, resistive touch screens, which are the dominant technology in use today, feature a thin layer of flexible film that can be easily scratched or clouded by chemicals.

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