picoXcell PC312 HSPA+ Femtocell System-on-Chip

The picoXcell PC312 HSPA+ femtocell system-on-chip (SoC), from picoChip, supports eight users, with simultaneous voice and data services. The device offers 64QAM modulation and 3GPP Release 7 features for high-speed communication. The PC312 is pin-compatible with the existing four-user picoXcell PC302 device. The picoXcell PC312 integrates added features such as security and timing, and satisfies the new functionality requirements of 3GPP Release 8 for a Home NodeB. The PC312 supports the Femto Forum standard FRMI interface, and includes a glueless interface to many radios — including those from Maxim, ADI, Lime Microsystems, and Bitwave, among others.

The picoXcell PC312 supports up to 21Mbit/s HSDPA together with 5.7Mbps HSUPA on a single chip. The device is a low power, low cost complete femtocell solution with integrated PHY, RNC stack, synchronization, network listen, and Radio Resource Management solutions. Its flexible architecture helps customers to easily add value, and upgrade designs as markets develop.

The PC312 device consists of a 3GPP NodeB modem, ARM11 processor, cryptographic engine, high-speed accelerators, and peripherals to support HSPA+ FAP requirements. It integrates all of the baseband processing requirements from digital samples to and from RF, through to network interfacing, enabling a very low system bill of materials cost and component count.

Software support is provided for 3GPP Release 7 HSPA+ FDD, greatly reducing development effort and time. In addition, RNC stacks are available which have been optimized for the PC312 and are suitable for the support of a variety of network interface architectures including the 3GPP Release 8 HNB Iuh interface to femtocell gateways.

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