Micron WQVGA FLCOS Microdisplay Panel

Micron Technology announced a new microdisplay panel. The new panel is a wide-screen quarter VGA (WQVGA) microdisplay solution designed for portable video and image projection applications — including head-mounted display products and embedded cell phone projectors. The WQVGA panel features ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCOS) technology. The WQVGA panel integrates the display panel and control circuitry in a compact all-in-one package. Consuming only 85 milliwatts, the product is low in power, ideal for applications where portability and battery life is most critical.

Displaytech WQVGA FLCOS Microdisplay PanelWQVGA Microdisplay Panel Features

  • 392 x 224 full-color pixels
  • Fast switching ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) material eliminates motion smearing
  • Hexagonal pixel shape with 1/2-pixel offset, effectively doubles perceived horizontal resolution and smooths diagonal line appearance
  • Vertical interpolation process increases perceived resolution
  • Low power: 85mW
  • 60Hz frame rate (360Hz RGB field rate)
  • Adjustable brightness and selectable color gamut
  • All digital pixel architecture with superior image quality
  • Supports consumer product temperature ranges

FLCOS delivers better image quality and color fidelity when compared to competing microdisplay technologies. An advantage of FLCOS microdisplay technology is its fast switching speed, which is up to 100x faster than traditional LCOS technology. The switching speed is important for using field sequential color, which, unlike color filtering, produces full color on each individual pixel, blending color by very rapidly integrating red, green, and blue frames in sequence.

In addition, when compared to micromirror technology, FLCOS display technology allows for a fully integrated microdisplay solution, combining the display panel, memory, image processing and light driver control into one chip. By not requiring companion devices, board footprint and power requirements are significantly reduced.

More information: Displaytech WQVGA FLCOS Microdisplay Panels (pdf)