RTXC RTOS Supports Freescale MPC55xx Microcontrollers

The RTXC RTOS, from Quadros Systems, now supports the MPC55xx series of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) from Freescale Semiconductor. Developers can now combine the efficiency, flexibility, and scalability of the RTXC software family with the low-cost, high performance MPC55xx family. The RTXC Quadros RTOS was ported to the MPC5534 using Freescale CodeWarrior for MPC55xx v2.3 toolchain. A Freescale MPC5534EVB Revision D evaluation board from Axiom Manufacturing was used as the qualification platform.

MPC55xx Features Support by RTXC RTOS

  • INTC (Interrupt controller)
  • DEC (Decrementer)
  • SPE (Signal Processing Extension)
  • FIT (Fixed Interval Timer)
  • eMIOS (enhanced Modular Input Output Subsystem)
  • eSCI (enhanced Serial Communication Interface)
  • SWI (SoftWare Interrupt)
  • FMPLL (Frequency Modulated Phase Locked Loop)

The MPC55xx is based on Power Architecture technology. On-chip integration features up to 1 MB of embedded flash memory and 64 KB on-chip static RAM. The MPC55xx family is well-suited for any developer that commands complex, real time control at a low cost. This series of microcontrollers is tailored specifically for industrial and automotive applications.

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