Summit SMB329 Programmable Switch Mode Battery Charger IC

Summit Microelectronics launched the SMB329 programmable battery charger integrated circuit (IC). The SMB329 features “instant-on” (even with a dead battery) and real-time charge current monitoring. The SMB329′s parameters are programmable in non-volatile memory for power-up configuration, and in volatile memory for in-system adjustments via the I2C host interface. The SMB329 is available now and priced at $1.15 each in quantities of 10,000 units.

Summit Microelectronics SMB329 programmable battery charger integrated circuit (IC)

The high-efficiency switch-mode operation and TurboCharge mode allow for 30% to 50% shorter charging times, while reducing thermal dissipation and wasted power by 80%. The SMB329 supports all relevant interface (USB2.0, USB OTG, USB charging, etc.) and safety (IEEE1725, JICS8714, etc.) standards. In addition, the SMB329 supports the industry’s environmental and Green efforts by enabling universal USB charging, eliminating electronic waste while dramatically reducing energy usage.


  • Automatic input current limit
  • Optional automatic power source detection per latest USB charging specification 1.0
  • USB or AC input with programmable input current limiting
  • Up to 1.25A continuous charging current from AC adapter
  • Up to 750mA charging current from 500mA USB port using automatic TurboCharge mode
  • +4.35 to +6.2V input range (+18V input protected)
  • USB “On-the-Go” Power support for USB OTG enabled devices (+5V reverse output @ 500mA)
  • 50mA SYSON output for “dead battery” boot-up (SMB329)
  • Analog output voltage for direct charge current measurement
  • Reverse current blocking
  • High-efficiency 3MHz current-mode step-down regulator
  • Integrated frequency compensation and power MOSFETs
  • High-accuracy float voltage regulation: 1%
  • Pre-charge and complete-charge safety timers
  • Battery pack thermal monitor
  • Digital programming of all major parameters via I2C interface (One-time programmable for default, non-volatile settings)
    • Fast charge voltage threshold, float voltage
    • Pre-charge, fast charge, termination current
  • Status register monitors and flags charger operation
    • Charge in-progress/termination
    • Charge timer fault
    • Over-current limiting
    • UV/OV detection/shutdown
  • 1.95mm x 2.22mm CSP-20 package (0.4mm pitch lead-free)

More information: Summit Microelectronics SMB329 (pdf)