IDT 843N156-125 FemtoClock

The 843N156-125 device, from IDT (Integrated Device Technology), is the latest member of the FemtoClocks family — the FemtoClock Next Generation (NG). The 843N156-125 generates a 125MHz single-ended output and a 156.25MHz LVPECL output from a single 25MHz crystal, replacing two crystal oscillators on the board with one device, providing application architects with increased design flexibility. The typical root-mean-square (RMS) phase noise jitter for both frequencies is 400fS, making them ideal for PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications, since it gives designers ample margin in their designs to meet the jitter requirements of these standards.

IDT FemtoClocks family — the FemtoClock Next Generation (NG)The 843N156-125 FemtoClock is available for sampling to qualified customers. Price for this device is $4.81 for 1,000 units, and is available in 16 lead TSSOP package. New FemtoClock NG members will feature output frequencies of up to 1.3GHz, providing integrated silicon solutions with short lead times when compared to crystal and SAW oscillators.

The new FemtoClocks family of clock synthesizers features very low phase-noise performance and significantly improved power-supply noise rejection, allowing for increased bandwidth when used with serial interfaces. The FemtoClocks are fully customizable, stand-alone solutions that generate reference frequencies allowing them to replace crystal and SAW oscillators in high-performance applications.

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