XMOS XS1-G2 Programmable Devices

The XMOS is shipping the XS1-G2 programmable device. The XS1-G2 features two XCores (each with a 32-bit processor). The device offers 800MIPs and enables complete systems to be implemented in software using interface, DSP, and control code. The XS1-G2 device is available in a 144-pin BGA package. Prices range from $15.10 for samples (1-99 units) to $10.60 for 2500+ quantities.

The XS1-G2 event-driven processor is ideal for a wide range of electronics applications — including networked audio appliances and LED display controllers. XMOS processors implement simple computational code, DSP functions, control software (taking logic decisions, or executing a state machine) or handle I/O operations. Designs for XMOS devices are done in the C language using design tools available in web-hosted and desktop versions.

XS1-G2 Features

  • Two XCores
  • 800MIPs
  • 16 Threads
  • 128K SRAM
  • 44 I/O pins from two XCores
  • Single-cycle context switch between threads
  • High speed switch with four internal links per XCore and 16 external links
  • Up to 64 input/output pins (per XCore), dynamically configurable as input, output or bi-directional
  • Each port provides 10ns timing resolution for precise interfacing
  • Up to 100 million events per second for pins, communications channels and timers
  • Secure mode that disables debug and prevents read-back of memory contents
  • Eliminates need for external configuration memory in some applications

More information: XS1-G2 144BGA Package