Measurement Computing USB-QUAD08 Quadrature Encoder Module

The USB-QUAD08 data acquisition device, from Measurement Computing, is a high-speed, eight-channel quadrature encoder module that outperforms everything else on the market. The USB-QUAD08 provides simultaneous input and decoding for up to eight incremental quadrature encoders at resolutions up to 48-bits. Its eight quadrature counters with indicator LEDs support both differential and single-ended inputs, and feature multiple programmable counting modes. The counters have less than 10 ns jitter, and accept input up to 10 MHz. The streaming speed to the PC is software configurable up to 8 MS/s. The USB-QUAD08 can also serve as a high-speed pulse counter for general counting applications. The eight digital I/O bits support up to 42.4 Vpk/50 VDC with clamping diodes for CEMF suppression.

USB-QUAD08 data acquisition device - Measurement Computing

The USB-QUAD08 has detachable screw terminals, and a 37-pin D-sub connector, pin-compatible with Measurement Computing’s PCI-QUAD04. A two-meter long USB cable is included with every USB-QUAD08 module. A one-meter long DB37F to 4 x DB9F (C37F-4X9F-1M) cable for connecting the device to four encoders via the 37-pin D-sub connectors is available as an option.

USB-QUAD08 Features

  • Eight counter inputs (quad/non-quad)
  • Configurable for either single-ended or differential
  • 10 MHz counters, ±12 V input range
  • Eight digital I/O lines, 42.4 Vpk/50 VDC max
  • Two timer outputs capable of up to 5 MHz output rate
  • 16-bit, 32-bit, and 48-bit resolution
  • Multiple counting modes
  • Pacing (external/internal) and triggers
  • USB-bus powered

More information: Measurement Computing