NXP PN544 Near Field Communication Controller

NXP introduced the PN544 Near Field Communication (NFC) controller for next generation NFC devices and services. The NXP PN544 chip is based on the latest NFC specifications by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI). It will enable mobile phone users to access a new range of contactless applications such as mobile payments, transport and event ticketing as well as data sharing directly from the mobile phone SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) for improved on-the-go experience. NXP’s PN544 is currently being sampled by a number of major handset manufacturers. Mass availability of the product is targeted during Q3 of 2009.

The PN544 solution is fully compliant with all released NFC specifications on the Single Wire Protocol (SWP) connection with the SIM and the Host Controller Interface (HCI). The PN544 NFC controller is fully backwards compatible and interoperable with existing contactless infrastructure for payments and ticketing.

The PN544 has been designed to support the three main architectures which are used to secure NFC transactions, including the Secure Element within the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC), within the SD card and within the mobile handset (embedded Secure Element: PN544 plus Smart MX security chip in a pin to pin compliant solution).

NXP PN544 Highlights

  • Small footprint for size optimization
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Working in Battery off and Battery Low modes
  • MIFARE 1K/4K Reader/writer functionality enabled in host baseband
  • Optionally available with an modular, generic and platform independent software stack
  • Optimized antenna designs for best-in-class RF performance
  • Shorter integration time due to qualified design-in support from NXP

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