Microchip Low-Power MCP401X I2C Digital Potentiometers

Microchip Technology launched the low-power, 7-bit MCP4017/8/9 (MCP401X) family of I2C digital potentiometers. The devices feature static current consumption of just 2.5 microamperes and are specified over the extended industrial temperature range of -40 to 125 degrees Celsius. The MCP4017 and MCP4019 devices are available in a 5-pin SC-70 package, with the MCP4018 available in a 6-pin SC-70 package. All devices and package options are priced at $0.37 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Samples and volume-production quantities can be ordered now.

Microchip Technology Low-Power MCP401X I2C Digital Potentiometers - MCP4017/8/9

The MCP401X digital potentiometers help designers meet and exceed demands for smaller, more accurate and less expensive designs. The devices are ideal for power-supply trim and calibration, set-point and process control, closed-loop servo control, PC peripherals, portable instrumentation, instrumentation offset adjust, and signal conditioning.

The MCP401X devices can be controlled digitally, through an I2C interface. This eliminates the need for human interaction, which increases system reliability, accuracy, flexibility and manufacturing throughput while decreasing manufacturing costs. Digital control also provides more system flexibility than mechanical control. In addition, their low static current consumption helps to extend battery life in a variety of consumer and industrial applications.

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