Dialog Semiconductor DA6001 Power Management IC

Dialog Semiconductor introduced the DA6001 family of power management ICs (PMICs). The DA6001 optimizes the power efficiency of applications using the Intel Atom processor Z5xx series. The DA6001 provides all power supplies, power management, and clock supplies in a single chip. The DA6001 is ideal for automotive applications, in-vehicle infotainment, netbooks, and mobile Internet devices. Engineering samples will be available in June with volume production and AEC-Q100 qualified volume parts for automotive applications in the second half of 2009.

Dialog Semiconductor DA6001 power management IC (PMIC)

The PMIC improves battery life, simplifies design, improves system reliability, requires less than half the board space and cuts the bill-of-materials (compared to using discrete power management parts). The DA6001 minimizes power consumption across the complete platform, not just the processor, without adding the cost and complexity of multiple power management and clocking devices to achieve this.

The DA6001 provides low noise supplies to all platform voltage domains and current for system DDR2 memory from a single supply voltage. Four DC/DC buck converters power the platform hardware engine, the SCH core and FSB, both internal and external system memory and the CPU core – meeting IMVP-6 specification for the Intel Atom processor.

Two analog signal inputs can be multiplexed to a 10-bit ADC converter for signal measurements and a charge pump, which is integrated to generate the 5V reference domain even if the input voltage drops below 5V. An autonomous state machine manages the complete system start-up and shutdown procedures as well as the state transitions of the Intel Atom processor during all operational modes.

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