Pentek RTS 2701 Real-Time Data Recording and Playback System

Pentek announced the RTS 2701 Recording and Playback System with Multiband Transceiver. The RTS 2701 is a system that can be used as a laboratory test instrument, as a stand-alone remote data acquisition system, or as a dedicated record/playback sub-system for deployed applications. The RTS 2701 features enhanced software features and a highly capable 7641-420 Software Defined Radio (SDR) module. The RTS 2701 is ideal for digitizing analog signals from a communications system or a radar system and delivering that data to high-speed disk arrays at sustained data rates as high as 500 MB/second. Once captured, the data can then be easily post processed or archived.

Pentek RTS 2701 Real-Time PC Signal Processor and Recorder

Pentek 2701 Real-Time PC Signal Processor and Recorder Features

  • Complete dual channel transceiver recording and playback system
  • 19 inch industrial rackmount PC server chassis
  • Complete high-performance Windows Workstation
  • Two 14-bit 125 MHz A/Ds
  • Two 16-bit 500 MHz D/As
  • Real-time sustained recording and playback rates of up to 500 MBytes/sec
  • 5 Terabytes of storage to NTFS RAID disk array
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50
  • Windows SystemFlow Record/Playback Software
  • Complete GUI with Signal Viewer Analysis Tool including virtual oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer
  • File headers include time stamping and recording parameters
  • DDC decimation and DUC interpolation range from 2 to 32,768
  • 8 kHz to 60 MHz baseband record and playback signal bandwidths
  • IF frequencies to 300 MHz
  • Ideal for communications, radar, wireless, SIGINT, telecom and satcom

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