Carbonized ARM Processor Models for CoWare Platform

CoWare and Carbon Design Systems have teamed together to create implementation-accurate models of ARM IP targeted for CoWare’s SystemC-based design solutions. The models and model kits will include implementation-accurate solutions for the ARM Cortex-A9 processor, AMBA3 Interconnect (PL301) matrix, and more. The complete portfolio of Carbonized models and model kits for the CoWare environment will be enhanced to enable the advanced design features of the CoWare solutions and exclusively distributed and supported by CoWare as part of the CoWare IP Model Library.

The Carbonized ARM processor models for the CoWare environment will be integrated and delivered as CoWare Processor Support Packages (PSPs) to customers without the need to have access to ARM RTL code. For AXI 3 Interconnect models, CoWare will distribute a special version of Carbon Model Studio to be used with RTL generated by ARM AMBA Designer enabling the use of PL301r1 interconnect configurations in the CoWare environment. ARM Cortex-A9 Processor Support Package (PSP), Carbon Model Studio AMBA Designer, PL310 L2 Cache Controller, and PL340 DDR Memory Controller for CoWare Platform Architect will be available from CoWare in Q2 2009.

Processor Support Package Support

  • Platform software analysis
  • Debugger synchronization for multi-core designs
  • Debug accesses from processor to memory
  • Support for SystemC Modeling Library (SCML) properties

Interconnect Models

  • Platform performance analysis
  • System-level transaction tracing
  • Multiple clock domain simulation
  • Connection of standards-based SystemC blocks of various abstraction levels

More information: Carbon Design Systems | CoWare