NEC uPD78F8024 and uPD78F8025 8-Bit All Flash Microcontrollers

NEC Electronics launched the µPD78F8024 and µPD78F8025 8-bit All Flash general-purpose microcontrollers (MCUs). The new devices combine NEC’s All Flash 78K0/KB2 microcontrollers with integrated constant high current drivers in a single package. µPD78F8024 offers 8 kilobytes and µPD78F8025 offers 32 kilobytes of flash memory. The new MCUs are ideal for LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, home electric cookers, and battery chargers. Samples of NEC Electronics’ µPD78F8024 and µPD78F8025 devices are available now for US$5 per unit. Mass production is expected to begin in 2010.

µPD78F8024 and µPD78F8025 Microcontrollers Features

  • Integration of All Flash microcontroller and constant current driver in one-package
    Both chips integrate NEC Electronics’ 78K0/KB2 microcontroller and a 4-channel constant current driver in a single flat package, benefitting from a wide supply voltage range of 9V to 38V. These chips merge two components into one, providing approximately a 10-percent board space savings, with lower cost.

  • More precise control of multiple functions
    Both devices have several interfaces, such as an I2C and UART, offering flexibility to communicate with other components. The on-chip 10-bit A/D converter can be used in light sensing, temperature sensing, and fine-grained control of a power supply. The on-chip Flash memory makes it easy to save any system control or user data.

  • Built-in constant current control circuits and integrated circuit protection
    In addition to constant-current circuits, the chips integrate over-current protection circuits such as over current protect, thermal shut-down, and under voltage lockout. These features improve the efficiency and reliability of the systems. High switching frequency also allows the use of smaller inductors for each LED channel, further reducing overall system cost.

  • Flexibility to build boost/buck topologies
    Both chips can be used in boost or buck topologies, giving flexibility to designers to construct optimal systems.

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