Fujitsu MB88395 1394 Automotive Controller IC for HD Video

The MB88395, from Fujitsu Microelectronics, is a 394 Automotive (IDB-1394) controller IC for high-definition (HD) (1,280 dots x 720 lines) video transmission over the IDB-1394 in-vehicle multimedia network protocol. The MB88395 can simultaneously transmit multiple streams within the vehicle, such as HD video from Blu-ray DVDs, digital TV, audio and car navigation images. The IDB-1394 IC features a high-speed 800Mbps physical layer and SmartCODEC. The MB88395 reduces the system cost of in-vehicle multimedia networks by a maximum of 30%, while reducing the number of wire harnesses (cables) by a maximum of 70% to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency. The MB88395 is sampling now.

MB88395 Features

  • Reduces system costs for rear-seat entertainment
    The MB88395 IC includes the 1394 Automotive physical layer and link layer as well as DTCP digital rights management on one chip, while encoding occurs only within SmartCODEC’s internal line memory, making an external frame buffer unnecessary, and thus reducing the necessary system components and total multimedia network system costs by a maximum of 30%. Also, by being able to simultaneously transmit at high speed several video and audio streams as well as control signals on one network line – not peer-to-peer – it reduces the number of the wire-harnesses (cables) by a maximum of 70%. This contributes to reducing vehicle weight, leading to higher fuel efficiency. Concretely, this can produce a reduction in the environmental impact by approximately 10kg of CO2 per year for a car traveling 10,000km (that translates into roughly the amount of CO2 a beech tree absorbs in 1 year).
  • HD video compression, decompression and transmission without perceptible time lag
    Includes Fujitsu’s proprietary SmartCODEC which can compress video data to one-fourth in size, an improvement compared to the one-third of the previous product, and compress and decompress video within 2-3 milliseconds. Such low latency, combined with the doubling of the speed of the physical layer to 800Mbps, allows transmission of HD video from Blu-ray DVDs and digital TV, within the vehicle without any perceptible time lag, which can be a problem when watching the same contents on the front and rear monitors. With an MPEG CODEC, there would be a perceptible time lag in transmission.

More info: Fujitsu Microelectronics (FML)