Measurement Computing USB-2404-UI Universal Analog Input Module

Measurement Computing introduced the USB-2404-UI universal analog input module for the USB-2404 series of simultaneous data acquisition devices. The USB-2404-UI module offers four channels of 24-bit universal analog input with integrated signal conditioning. Each of the four channels has a detachable six-position spring terminal, which is individually configurable, so a different measurement type can be performed on each channel. All channels are measured simultaneously at up to 100 S/s per channel. The USB-2404-UI supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32-bit).

Measurement Computing USB-2404-UI universal analog input module

The new module measures a variety of signal types — such sensors as RTDs, thermocouples, load cells, and other powered sensors. Measurement ranges vary for each type of measurement. The USB-2404-UI can make the following measurements:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Thermocouple
  • RTD (4-wire and 3-wire)
  • Resistance (4-wire and 2-wire)
  • Bridge-based sensors (quarter-, half-, and full-bridge)

The USB-2404-UI series modules include the new TracerDAQ, Universal Library, and InstaCal. An analog prefilter removes noise. The USB-2404-UI protects the individual channels and connected computer and ensures a reliable data stream. The status of the device is indicated by an on-board LED. The device features built-in current and voltage excitation, which is protected from both overcurrent and overvoltage fault conditions. Each channel also has a built-in thermistor for cold-junction compensation (CJC) calculations when measuring thermocouples.

Each channel has a detachable six-position spring terminal for field wiring connections. Additional connectors are available for purchase. A strain relief kit is also available to secure signal wires. The USB-2404-UI ships with a 2-meter USB cable and is powered by the +5 volt USB supply from your computer. No external power is required.

More info: Measurement Computing Corporation