Summit SMB239 Programmable Linear Battery Charger

The SMB239, from Summit Microelectronics, is a programmable battery charger integrated circuit (IC) for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer powered systems. The SMB239 device’s battery charging parameters are fully programmable via the I2C interface and non-volatile memory. The SMB239 is ideal for Bluetooth[tm] mono/stereo headsets, mobile phones, digital cameras, portable music players, portable GPS navigation, and handheld medical equipment. The new device is available now for $0.81 each in quantities of 10,000 units.

Summit Microelectronics SMB239 Programmable Linear Battery Charger

SMB239 Battery Charger Features

  • World’s smallest linear charger
  • Linear charging for reduced board space
    • Up to 525mA charge current
    • Stable with small ceramic capacitors
  • 4.35 to 6.5V input voltage range
  • Small 1.3 x 2.1 uCSP[tm] package (0.5mm pitch)
  • High-accuracy output voltage regulation: 1%
  • Low reverse leakage current
  • Digital programming of all major parameters via I2C interface and lockable non-volatile memory
    • Battery voltage set point
    • Pre-charge, fast charge, termination current
    • Fast charge voltage threshold
    • Temperature limits
    • Charge safety timers
    • Automatic restart threshold
  • Fault/Status indicator
  • Wide range of protection features
    • Thermal regulation
    • Battery pack temperature monitor
    • Input/output over-voltage lockout

More info: Summit Programmable Linear Battery Charger (pdf)