Technosoft IBL3605 Intelligent Servo Drive with CANopen

The Technosoft IBL3605 is an intelligent drive that combines motion controller, drive, and PLC functionality in a device. The IBL3605 intelligent servo drive measures only 65 x 58 x 19 mm and delivers up to 600 W peak power. IBL3605 has the flexibility to control brushless, step, DC or linear motors up to 180 W (36 V, 5 A). It can be mounted right beside the motor. The IBL3605 can be used as a network drive in distributed motion systems using a CAN / CANopen interface, or as a stand-alone motion controller for single-axis control.

Technosoft IBL3605 180 W Intelligent Drive with CANopenIBL3605 Servo Drive Features

  • Fully digital servo drive with embedded intelligence and PLC functionality
  • Suitable for brushless (sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation), DC brush, linear, and two-phase step motors
  • Compact design (65 x 58 x 19 mm)
  • Various control modes:
    • Torque, speed or position control
    • Electronic gearing, contouring, profiling
    • Step motor emulation (step & direction)
    • Control of external variables (pressure, flow, temperature etc.)
  • Powerful TML instruction set for the definition and execution of motion sequences in:
    • Single-axis or multi-axis control (master or slave mode)
    • Standalone operation with stored motion sequences
  • RS-232 serial communication
  • CAN-Bus 2.0B up to 1 Mbit/s (or CANopen)
  • Programmable digital inputs/outputs and analog inputs
    • 5 inputs, 5 V or 24 V compatible (Enable, Pulse & Direction, Limit Switches)
    • 2 outputs (open-collector), 5 / 24 V compatible (Ready, GPO)
    • Differential quadrature encoder and digital Hall sensor interface
    • Linear Hall sensor interface
    • 2 analog inputs, 0/5 V range (optionally, +/-10 V)
  • Single power supply 12-36 V
  • High current capability (5 A continuous, 16 A peak current)
  • Protection against over-current, short-circuit, earth fault, over-temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, I2t, control error
  • (2 x 16) 2.54-mm screw terminal connectors

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