WOLVERINE Programmable Multi Processor DSP Platform

Sound Design Technologies (SDT) introduced the WOLVERINE series of DSP solutions. WOLVERINE (SA340x) is a full System-On-Chip (SoC) programmable multi-processor DSP platform maximizing MIPS/µW. WOLVERINE features reconfigurable architecture, integrated high-resolution dual ADCs, DAC, 20-bit data path with high programmable flexibility, and an ultra miniature foot print. The new DSP solutions are ideal for audio and data processing applications, hearing aid processors, portable audio entertainment devices, noise cancellation headphones, medical monitoring, enterprise headsets, and biometrics.

WOLVERINE (SA340x) is a full System-On-Chip (SoC) programmable multi-processor DSP platform


  • Complete audio and data processing DSP SoC with multi-core audio processing
  • On-chip non-volatile One Time Programmable (OTP) memory minimizes BOM costs
  • Highly efficient processing architecture offering the current efficiency of hardwired ASICs with programmable flexibility of DSP processors
  • 50 MIPS equivalent processing available @ 2MHz clock with clock multiplication support for higher MIPS
  • Minimum 20-bit end-to-end audio-path re-configurable architecture
  • Support for Time Domain and Frequency Domain based processing
  • On-chip clock multiplication up to 16MHz for higher processing MIPS
  • On-chip support for active noise cancellation
  • Support for advanced adaptive filtering algorithms with programmable coprocessors
  • Clock generation and management block for an optimized computational efficiency/power consumption ratio
  • IP security protection to prevent unauthorized access to algorithm code
  • Dual A/Ds featuring 95dB input dynamic range with headroom extension
  • D/A with 88dB output dynamic range
  • Variable sampling rate support up to 48kHz
  • Four analog inputs for microphones, telecoil and direct audio (from music players)
  • Direct drive output for zero-biased receivers
  • Ultra low-delay signal processing supporting sub 1ms system processing latency
  • I2C and SDA programming
  • Voltage doubled interface to multiple EEPROM styles (I2C and SPI)
  • GPIO pins
  • Full data and control ports to interface with additional ICs (I2S, I2C, PCM)
  • Robust power management block to handle a variety of battery conditions such as battery insertion, removal, supply voltage spikes or near end of life with both ZnAir and Ni-MH batteries
  • E1 RoHS compliant assemblies
  • Alternate package options available ranging from 4 mm X 3 mm to 5 mm X 5mm
  • Complete Development Tools Suite

More info: Sound Design Technologies WOLVERINE – SA340x