RadiSys Procelerant RMS420-5520DT Embedded Server

The RadiSys Procelerant RMS420-5520DT is a high performance server platform. The RMS420-5520DT features dual E5500 Series quad-core Intel Xeon processors,integrated DDR3 memory controllers, dual Intel E5520 chipsets, and 72 lanes of PCI-Express Gen 2.0 connectivity. The embedded server is ideal for parallel processing, medical imaging, industrial automation, and test & measurement applications.

The optional on-board RAID controller enables end users to manage storage over multiple drives. Various drive bay options are also available, allowing the RMS420-5520DT to be populated with up to eight disk drives. RadiSys designed the RMS420-5520DT as a compact, quiet 4U server. At only 20 inches deep, it can be mounted in tight quarters and it has a low, 46 dBA acoustic noise level at full load.

The RMS420-5520DT can be equipped with a 1200W power supply and cooling to support up to three, 225W co-processor cards and additional I/O. A variety of server configurations are available including up to 6, 3.5″ or 8, 2.5″ SATA or SAS hard disk drives. The RMS420-5520DT supports extended operating temperatures and meets EMC Class-B radiated emission standards.

Using the new E5500 Series processors alone, the RMS420-5520DT embedded server can deliver more than a 100% performance improvement over an equivalent server using current state-of-the-art quad-core processors. In addition, the RMS420-5520DT server supports up to three high power co-processors (such as GP-GPU cards) that can accelerate processing of algorithms for image or signal processing by a factor of 10-30X more than the server alone.

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