Renesas RX610 Microcontroller Family

Renesas Technology introduced the RX610 microcontroller (MCU) family. The RX CPU implements a complex instruction set computer (CISC) architecture that integrates and significantly extends the capabilities of Renesas’ existing 16-bit and 32-bit MCU products, while providing compatibility that protects designs that use existing Renesas MCUs.

The RX610 Group consists of eight 32-bit devices. The RX610 family is ideal for high-end office equipment, digital consumer products, and applications that must run large-scale programs rapidly while achieving high performance levels. The RX microcontrollers offer 1.65 MIPS/MHz processing performance while operating at speeds up to 100MHz. In addition, the RX MCUs consume only 0.03mA/MHz CPU core current.

RX610 microcontrollers features up to 2MB of on-chip flash memory that can be accessed at 100 MHz in a single clock cycle to maximize code execution. They also provide 32 KB of data flash memory with a background operation (BGO) function that enables data to be written at the same time a program is executing. The new chips, which come in 144-pin LQFP and 176-pin BGA packages, integrate an extensive range of built-in legacy, enhanced and new peripheral functions for system design flexibility. RX610 MCUs also achieve low-power consumption operation with 0.5mA/MHz product power.

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