General Micro Systems Maritime VS275 VMEbus Processor

The Maritime VS275, from General Micro Systems, is a VMEbus processor that enables seamless upgrades and offers flexibilityin the form of five different expansion modules. The Maritime CPU supports VME-64 and is available in a standard temperature 0°C to +60°C or extended temperature -40°C to +85°C version. Support for Linux, Windows VISTA/XP, LynxOS, Solaris and VxWorks operating systems is standard. Pricing for the standard version of Maritime (VS275) starts at $3,200.

Maritime VS275 VMEbus Processor from General Micro Systems

Maritime VS275 Highlights

  • Custom configurations via one PMC-X and/or 16-Lane XMC compliant site with rear I/O
  • Optional workstation I/O module (second VME Site)
  • I/O modules consist of three PMC-X sites and/or two 8-Lane XMC sites and one PMC-X site; or two SAM (Special Application Module) video modules (one with Dual Link DVI-I and one with dual DVI-I to the front panel) and one PMC-X site
  • Can be configured with a 2.5″ SATA 500 GB HDD or 256 GB SSD with Secure Erase function which can be triggered via software or recessed front panel switch
  • Supports one Micro SATA HDD/SDD up to 128 GB SSD and two-buffered SATA 2.0 ports for SATA 2.0 drives that can be up to 8 meters away
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports with TCP/IP offloading engine and dedicated interrupt
  • Ten USB 2.0 ports
  • Four serial ports with RS232/422/485 options
  • Two PATA ports, one to the rear, one for onboard HDD/SSD/CF
  • 16 individually programmable buffered user I/O lines
  • Custom I/O functions such as FireWire or octal SIO via a SAM-III module
  • WSIO SAM video workstation module provides two independent video modules, each one supporting dual pipe video, for a total of four display units with RGB or DVI outputs
  • One RGB video for a system total of five video ports
  • Four high-end video heads provide 2560 x 1600 screen resolution @ 32 bit color, enabling ultra high-performance ATI or NVIDA 2D/3D video graphics engines

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