Micrium uC/OS-III Real-time Operating System

Micrium launched the µC/OS-III real-time operating system (RTOS) for embedded designs. µC/OS-III features preemptive multitasking, unlimited number of tasks and priorities, and round robin scheduling of tasks at equal priorities. µC/OS-III targets embedded developers that need to save time on their current and future embedded systems projects. The new RTOS supports ARM7/9, Cortex-Mx, Nios-II, PowerPC, Coldfire, i.MX, Microblaze, H8, SH, M16C, M32C, Blackfin, and other processors. µC/OS-III is provided in ANSI-C source form to licensees. Beta tests are underway in Q2, and product will be available in Q3, 2009. µC/OS-III is priced at $9,995/end-product.

Preemptive Multitasking Kernel
µC/OS-III always runs the most important task that is ready-to-run. µC/OS-III supports an unlimited number of tasks, and allows stack growth of the tasks to be monitored at run-time. It also supports an unlimited number of priority levels.

Round Robin Scheduling
µC/OS-III allows multiple tasks to run at the same priority level, each for a user-specified time period. Each task can define its own time quanta, and each task can give up a time slice if its full time quanta is not required. µC/OS-III also allows for an unlimited number of kernel objects such as tasks, semaphores, mutexes, event flags, message queues, timers, and memory partitions. µC/OS-III is mostly run-time configurable.

Near Zero Interrupt Disable Time
µC/OS-III has a number of internal data structures and variables that it needs to access atomically. These critical regions are protected by locking the scheduler instead of disabling interrupts. Interrupts are disabled for almost zero clock cycles, ensuring the RTOS will be able to respond to some of the fastest interrupt sources.

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