Atmel AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway Kit

The AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway kit, from Atmel, is a reference design for digital audio streaming, decoding, and playback. The AVR32 ATEVK1105 kit is based on the AVR AT32UC3A 32-bit Flash microcontrollers and provides developers with a ready-to-use hardware/software platform and a variety of interfaces and evaluation capabilities to meet their audio systems requirements and get faster to market. The ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway kit is available for US$179.

Atmel AVR32 ATEVK1105 Digital Audio Gateway Reference DesignAtmel provides all the source code free of charge, including software drivers for all peripherals, TCP/IP stack and various USB class drivers. This is available in the AVR32 Software Framework, a software library integrated with the AVR32 Studio development suite. Atmel also releases the schematics and Gerber files to allow customers to easily incorporate elements of the kit into their own designs.

The ATEVK1105 board comes preloaded with software for demonstrating audio playback. A booted kit will scan any USB mass storage device for MP3 or other audio files and play them back. The kit’s software can even scan the ID3 tag and present album artist and song information on the 2″ QVGA onboard display. MP3 decoding from a USB mass storage device requires only a third of the AVR32′s processing capacity, leaving plenty of headroom for running the operation system, streaming the data and refreshing the display.

Designers with a license from Apple are able to interface the kit to a iPod or iPhone using an authorized Apple authentication chip adapter. For applications where the on-chip 512 KB Flash and 64 KB SRAM is not sufficient, the EVK1105 demonstrates how to connect an external SDRAM, serial DataFlash, SD card reader and USB hard disk or memory stick. The ATEVK1105 also features connectors for future wireless expansion modules supporting IEE802.15.4(TM)/ZigBee, and Bluetooth.

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