Strategic Test UF3 Series PCI Digitizer Cards

Strategic Test introduced the UF3-4142 and UF2-4140 400 MS/s 14-bit digitizer cards for the PCI bus. The UF3-4142 has 2 analog inputs and can sample at 400 MS/s on one channel or 250 MS/s on both channels simultaneously. The UF2-4140 is a single-channel card that samples up to 400 MS/s. Both cards are supplied with 128 MSamples (256 MByte) onboard memory, which is unique at this speed/resolution segment. The memory can be expanded to 2 GSamples giving a measurement time of up to 5 seconds on one channel at 400 MS/s. The single channel UF3-4140 card is priced at $7495 and the two channel UF3-4142 is $8495 with volume/OEM discounts available. PCI Express versions of the cards are due to be released in June.

Strategic Test UF3-4142 and UF2-4140 Waveform Digitizer cards

The UF3-4142 and UF2-4140 400 cards are the first in the new UF3 Series, which is based on a totally new baseboard design. A unique feature on the two digital I/O lines allows them to be programmed as digital inputs that are synchronous with the analog channels or as synchronous digital I/O lines used to control external equipment or receive status signals, or as additional trigger inputs that can be AND/OR with the main external trigger input.

UF3-414x Scope Cards Highlights

  • Includes drivers and programming examples for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP64, XP and Linux (RedHat, Fedora, SuSe, Sarge)
  • Features SBench 6.0 oscilloscope program
  • SDKs for MATLAB, LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI are available as options
  • Onboard memory: 128, 256, 512, 1024 or 2048 mega samples
  • Multiple Recording: memory segmentation
  • TimeBase: records time of trigger events
  • Star Hub: synchronization of up to 8 boards. Can be used with Digitizer, AWG and Digital I/O boards to create mixed-mode systems
  • BaseXIO: adds 8 asynchronous digital I/O lines

More info: Strategic Test