congatec Qseven Mobility Starter Kit

The congatec Qseven Mobility Starter Kit is a complete rapid prototyping package for battery-powered, embedded systems. The compact size and low power consumption of Qseven embedded computer modules makes them ideal for ultra-mobile, embedded PC applications. The kit includes a compact Qseven carrier board, a 5.7″ LVDS touch display with an LED backlight, and a battery manager module with a smart battery. A cable set is also supplied, which makes it possible to build a compact, mobile demo system in a matter of minutes. The congatec Qseven Mobility Starter Kit will be available in April 2009 with prices starting at US $1,000.

congatec Qseven carrier board for Mobility Starter Kit

The Qseven carrier board, which measures only 95×140 mm, is easy to integrate. The board includes 6 USB interfaces, an Ethernet port, and display interfaces for LVDS and DVI. The power supply is 19 V DC, which provides the option of using low-cost power. The carrier board also has other standard interfaces, such as a Mini PCI Express slot for WLAN expansions and a high-definition audio interface. Mass storage is provided by a solid state disk integrated with the Qseven CPU module and the SATA and SD card interfaces on the carrier board.

Due to the 5 V power supply of the Qseven module, it is possible to implement the battery system using small, dual-cell smart batteries. The entire charging circuit is a separate, additional module, meaning that it can be integrated flexibly in housing designs. Communication with the battery system is implemented as standard if the user’s operating system is ACPI-capable.

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