Renesas SH7286 SuperH Microcontroller

Renesas Technology America introduced the 32-bit SH7286 SuperH microcontroller (MCU) for high-end motor control applications. The SH7286 is a high-end single chip microcontroller incorporating an SH-2A core. The SH7286 offers up to 1Mbyte of fast MONOS (Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded flash memory. The fast flash memory and the 100MHz CPU is ideal for single-chip designs of high-precision motor drives, AC servos, robots, and general-purpose industrial inverters that previously required two MCUs.

Renesas SuperH SH7286 Microcontroller

SH7286 Microcontroller Features

  • SH-2A(without FPU)high performance RISC
    • Operating frequency: 100MHz(Bus clock, peripheral clock: 50MHz)
    • SH-2A instruction (Except FPU instruction)
  • Large capacity memory built-in
    • ROM: 1MB(SH72867)/768KB(SH72866)/512KB(SH72865)
    • RAM: 32KB(SH72867,SH72866)/24KB(SH72865)
  • Peripheral functions
    • Timer: CMT(2ch) + MTU2(6ch) + MTU2S(3ch)
    • A/D converter: 12-bit, 12ch(3 channel can be sampled simltaneously)
    • D/A converter: 8-bit, 2ch
    • Controller Area Network(CAN): RCAN-ET 1ch
    • Serial interface: 4ch
    • Serial interface with FIFO: 1ch
    • DMAC: 8ch
    • Data transfer controller (DTC)
    • INTC (interrupt controller), WDT
    • I2C bus interface: 1ch
    • USB 2.0 Full Speed Function: 1ch
    • Synchronous serial communication interface(SSU): 1ch
  • External memory interface
    • ROM, SRAM, SDRAM, SRAM with byte selection, Burst ROM, MPX-I/O
    • External bus width: 8-, 16-, 32-bit
  • Power management system
    • Sleep, Software standby, module standby
  • Package
    • LQFP-176 (20mm x 20mm, 0.4mm pitch)
    • LQFP-176 (24mm x 24mm, 0.5mm pitch)

More info: Renesas Technology Corp.