Acalis CPU872 for DoD Instruction 5200.39

The Acalis CPU872, from CPU Technology (CPU Tech), is a secure processor that directly addresses the need for anti-tamper technology in critical commercial and military systems. The Acalis CPU872 is the first to answer the urgent need to protect critical program information (CPI) as required by DoD Instruction 5200.39. Pricing for the CPU872 Secure Processor in volume is $400, the evaluation board starts at $10,000, and the software development kit starts at $5,000. Samples and kits are available immediately.

Acalis CPU872 Highlights

  • Two complete PowerPC 440 subsystems with 4MB on-chip eDRAM each
  • Secure Boot
  • Encryption/Decryption Support
  • Secure Interconnect
  • Optional Hardware Firewall
  • Zeroization
  • Unique Serial Code
  • Fabricated at IBM Trusted Foundry
  • 90 nm Cu-08 CMOS
  • 8 W typical power consumption
  • 31 x 31 mm, 899-pin flip-chip BGA

The Acalis CPU872 offers the strongest protection available for software and systems. Threats to software and systems begin with reverse engineering, which enables cloning, malicious insertion and development of countermeasures. Acalis protects not only on-chip software but entire systems against tampering or reverse engineering.

The Acalis CPU872 has direct application wherever software and systems must be protected. To ensure that components and software throughout a system have not been modified or compromised, the CPU872 can be used in a supply chain as a secure anchor point. In communications systems, Acalis ensures secure encryption key generation and management across wired or wireless connections. In addition, by applying sensitive algorithms and data in a secure mobile system, the CPU872 can also be used to perform intelligent audio and video processing.

More info: Acalis CPU872