Portwell PEB-2738 Embedded System Board

The Portwell PEB-2738 is an embedded system board based on the Intel ECX form factor and supports the latest options of the Intel Atom processor Z5xx series and the Intel System Controller Hub US15W. The module is ideal for in-vehicle infotainment, medical, military, and industrial automation and control. The PEB-2738 is designed to operate at a very low power consumption of less than 10 watts at full loading. It supports dual independent display by LVDS and SDVO daughter card (DVI/VGA/LVDS, project-based).

PEB-2738 Embedded System Board - American Portwell Technology

PEB-2738 Features

  • Intel Atom processor Z510P / Z510PT / Z520PT / Z530P (code name Menlow-XL or Silverthorne-XL) and System Controller Hub US15WP(T)
  • One 200-pin SO-DIMM support DDR2 400/533 SDRAM up to 2GB
  • Dual independent display: SDVO (by VGA/DVI/LVDS daughter card) and 24bit LVDS
  • Multi-stream audio and CH5.1 supported TPM (Trusted platform Module) and UDM (USB-Disk Module) could be added on board
  • TPM (Trusted platform Module) and UDM (USB-Disk Module) could be added on board
  • Storage: One PATA / One CompactFlash / One USB Flash / One SDIO

The PEB-2738 takes advantage of the low power processor, ground-breaking power management techniques and wide temperature range so it can be a truly industrial temperature and fanless configuration. In addition, the PEB-2738 supports one SO-DIMM memory slot for DDR2 SDRAM up to 2GB, and comes with one IDE, one CompactFlash socket, one SDVO connector, one TPM, PCI-E x1 golden finger, two RS232/422/485, audio CH5.1, six USB2.0 and one SDIO connector.

More info: PEB-2738 Embedded System Board (pdf)