Texas Instruments TMS320C2834x Delfino Controllers

The TMS320C2834x Delfino controllers, from Texas Instruments, double floating-point performance over existing devices (TMS320C2000). The TMS320C2834x includes 516KB of single cycle access RAM memory, high resolution pulse width modulation outputs (PWMs), and other control-oriented features. The new Delfino devices are supported by two new modular controlCARD tools designed to jump start development of real-time control applications such as servo drives, renewable energy, power line monitoring, and driver assistance. The Delfino series of C2000 microcontrollers are sampling today and will start at $8.95 in volume production.

Texas Instruments TMS320C2834x Delfino floating-point controllers

TI C2834x Delfino Controllers Highlights

  • 2x performance lift with 300 MHz C28x core
  • 32-bit floating-point precision
  • Up to 65 ps resolution PWM modules
  • Multiple capture and 32-bit QEP modules
  • Code compatibility across C2000 platform
  • Modular controlCARD based development
  • Performance boost enables smarter, more efficient applications
  • Flexible real-time control peripherals enable optimized control loops
  • Scalable platform and innovative tools for reduced development cost and time to market

The C28343 and C28346 are the first devices in the C2834x series. The TMX320C28346 (300MHz, 516KB of on-chip RAM) starts at $19.70 (100 unit pricing). The TMX320C28343 (200MHz, 260KB of on-chip RAM) starts at $13.50 (100 unit pricing).

More info: TMS320C28343 | TMS320C28346 (pdf)