Microchip PIC18F87J90 LCD Drive Microcontrollers

The Microchip PIC18F87J90 is an 8-bit direct LCD-drive microcontrollers (MCUs) with nanoWatt Technology. The 64- and 80-pin devices extend the memory reach and peripheral set of Microchip’s LCD MCU portfolio. They feature 64 – 128 KB Flash and 4 KB RAM, and are the industry’s first 8-bit MCUs to include a Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC), and Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) peripheral for capacitive touch sensing or precise time measurement. The PIC18F87J90 family ranges from 64 KB to 128 KB Flash program memory in 64- and 80-pin packages. Prices for the MCUs start at $2.58 in 10,000-unit quantities.

Microchip PIC18F87J90 8-bit direct LCD-drive microcontrollers with nanoWatt

The PIC18F87J90 devices are pin compatible with Microchip’s PIC18F85J90 devices, providing an easy migration path across Microchip’s entire LCD-drive MCU family and simplified application upgrades. The PIC18F87J90 MCUs are ideal for cost-sensitive embedded display applications in the consumer (white goods, game controllers, exercise equipment, thermostat and counter top appliances); industrial (home-alarm/security-system keypads, power meters, data logging and central AC communication controllers); medical (flow meters, patient monitors, laboratory instruments and home-diagnostic devices); and automotive markets (dashboard and control panels).

The PIC18F87J90 offers extended memory range and integrated peripheral set — including the CTMU. With Microchip’s nanoWatt Technology, the MCUs help maintain the system’s low-power ratings, and can even drive the display in sleep mode to conserve power. In addition, the onboard LCD module contains a software-programmable contrast controller, which provides display boost or dimming and compensates for environmental elements such as temperature and lighting. The on-chip hardware RTCC works even in sleep mode to enable real-time tracking and lower power consumption.

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