Intel Atom Processor Z5xx Series

Intel Corporation introduced four new versions of their Atom processor Z5xx series. The low-power Intel Atom processor extends the Intel architecture to embedded industries (such as automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), industrial control and automation, and media phones). The new products will be available this quarter.

The Intel Atom Z5xx processors target media phones, which an emerging category of Internet-based communications devices. The package size and power envelope of the Intel Atom Z5xx series are ideal for the media phone, which provides communications services over IP and easy, one-touch access to lifestyle applications such as e-mail, text messaging, weather information, YouTube, horoscopes and digital photo albums.

The Intel Atom processor is the company’s smallest. The Atom is built with the world’s smallest and most energy-efficient transistors. Intel’s 30-year-old embedded computing division focuses on machines, devices and equipment that have computing and Internet capabilities but are not traditional PCs, laptops or servers. Intel offers an extended 7-year lifecycle for those areas that require longer product refresh cycles such as IVI.

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