IS2T MicroEJ-JPF-AVR32 Java Platform for AVR32 UC3 Flash Microcontroller

MicroJvm AVR32, from IS2T, is an integrated solution for designing embedded Java applications for Flash microcontrollers. MicroJvm AVR32 enables software developers of real-time embedded systems to design with Java up to five times faster than traditional software technologies. MicroJvm Java platform is targeted at AVR32 UC3 microcontroller. The platform features a small memory footprint, high speed Java engine, and optimized software library bundles.

MicroJvm AVR32 is an alternative to platforms such as embedded Linux and Windows CE/MF. The IS2T platforms are ideal for designing devices with communication links, LCD displays, sensors, machine-to-machine, e-metering, and home automation.

MicroJvm AVR32 Features

  • Baremetal native full threading (including all Thread/Object APIs)
  • Object references are direct pointers
  • Efficient locks for fast synchronizations
  • One word object header to minimise heap overhead
  • Incremental compacting (soft) real-time garbage collector
  • Extended Thread suspension using Signals (native and java worlds fast synchronisation)
  • Optimized for low-power consumption
  • WeakReference support
  • Optimized interned String representation
  • Run in RAM or in ROM (Flash)

More info: IS2T | Atmel