Triad Mocha Family of ARM Powered Via Configurable Arrays

The new Triad Mocha family, from Triad Semiconductor, is a family of ARM Powered VCAs (via-configurable arrays) that combine the ARM Cortex-M0 processor and Triad’s silicon-proven analog, digital, and memory building blocks on an array that can be configured by changing a single via layer. The Triad Mocha family extends the VCA benefits of system cost savings, rapid time to market, significantly reduced risk and support for any production volume to applications that require 32-bit performance in an 8/16-bit footprint with ultra-low power consumption.

The Mocha architecture offers a rich set of configurable analog functions — including op-amps, comparators, active filters, switched capacitor filters, ADCs, DACs, voltage regulators, and capacitive sensor interfaces. These analog resources are tightly coupled with configurable digital logic, plus RAM and non-volatile memory. Mocha-based ASICs will be ideal for intelligent sensors, automatic meter readers, consumer peripherals, power management, precision analog applications, battery-powered products, and portable medical devices.

More info: Triad Semiconductor