ARM Cortex-M0 Processor

ARM introduced their Cortex-M0 processor. The Cortex-M0 is the smallest, lowest power, and most energy-efficient ARM processor available. The low power, small gate count, and code footprint of the processor enables MCU developers to achieve 32-bit performance at an 8-bit price point. The ultra low gate count makes it ideal for analog and mixed signal devices and MCU applications. The ARM Cortex-M0 is available for licensing today.

The Cortex-M0 processor consumes as little as 85 microwatts/MHz (0.085 milliwatts) in an area of under 12K gates when using the ARM 180ULL (Ultra Low Leakage) physical IP. The Cortex-M0 is ideal for medical devices, e-metering, lighting, smart control, gaming accessories, compact power supply, power and motor control, precision analog and IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee), Z-Wave systems, intelligent sensors, and actuators.

The low-power operation of the Cortex-M0 processor is enhanced by the ARM Ultra High Density Standard Cell Library for the 180ULL process, the ARM Power Management Kit (PMK), low power memory instances built specially for Cortex-M0, and the Keil Microcontroller Development Kit. The ARM low power libraries are optimized to enable low dynamic and static power consumption and minimize chip area. The PMK features dynamic and leakage power management functions and the low power memory instances support external power gating for extreme leakage reduction.

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