EZRadioPRO Embedded Wireless Radio and C8051F9xx MCU

Silicon Laboratories’ latest embedded wireless solution consists of the EZRadioPRO family and C8051F9xx series low-power MCU. The EZRadioPRO embedded wireless radio family features high single-chip output power (up to +20 dBm) and sensitivity of -118 dBm. The EZRadioPRO family is available now in 20-pin QFN packages, and pricing ranges from $1.31 to $2.91 USD in quantities of 10K. The C8051F9xx family is available now in compact 24-pin, 4- x 4-mm QFN, 5- x 5-mm, 32-pin QFN and 7- x 7-mm, 32-pin LQFP packages with pricing starting at $1.99 USD in quantities of 10K.

The EZRadioPRO high-performance transceiver, receiver and transmitter, integrates embedded antenna diversity capabilities on chip to automatically choose the most effective antenna. In addition, the devices support built-in packet handling, wake-up timers, temperature sensing, and low-battery detection. Competing solutions depend on an external controller to offer similar functionally, increasing cost and software complexity while negatively impacting battery life.

The C8051F9xx family of low-voltage, low-power MCUs, capable of operating down to 0.9 V, integrates a dc-dc controller able to supply up to 65 mW of power to the MCU and EZRadioPRO device, enabling a complete single-cell battery powered radio/MCU solution.

The EZRadioPRO family’s built-in, high-performance low-noise amplifier (LNA) and power amplifier (PA) eliminate the need for expensive external components used in many demanding applications, resulting in a BOM savings of approximately $0.50 to $1.00 USD. EZRadioPRO gives customers the flexibility to change key radio parameters via register settings, enabling an optimal tradeoff between performance and battery life customized for their application and environment.

More information: Silicon Laboratories Inc.