Embedded Software Engineering Market Statistics

VDC Research’s Embedded Systems Market Statistics reports offer a detailed, vertical-by-vertical analysis of key embedded industries. The provides estimates for the Total Market for Embedded Software Engineering (TMESE), which VDC believes represents more than $25 billion worldwide. The TMESE calculation stems from recent upgrades to VDC’s Embedded Systems Market Statistics Model. This model also provides key metrics regarding the global engineering population and embedded projects, with an emphasis on vertically-, regionally-, and task-specific analysis.

TMESE iceberg - Total Market for Embedded Software Engineering

According to VDC, spending on commercial software and tools for embedded software engineering represents a large portion of the TMESE. However, spending on engineering labor continues to represent a substantial piece of this market opportunity. VDC believes the larger market size to be most representative of the total revenue opportunity for software vendors. Vendors who provide solutions able to increase developer efficiency, improve time-to-market, and reduce labor costs can potentially capture a greater portion of the value of the engineering effort that the software they provide replaces.

VDC’s latest Embedded Systems Market Statistics model offers a more detailed view into the embedded software market as well as improved access to data specific to certain segments of interest across geographies, industries, and engineer types. The model enables companies to better address key questions about the larger systems engineering industry.

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