Cypress Turbo-MTP for West Bridge Peripheral Controllers

The Turbo-MTP, from Cypress Semiconductor, is a module for their West Bridge peripheral controllers. Cypress’s Turbo-MTP solution enables users to sideload a feature-length movie in less than a minute – 10x faster than competing MTP implementations. West Bridge Antioch and Astoria peripheral controllers with the Turbo-MTP capability are currently in full production. The Turbo-MTP firmware module is supported in the West Bridge Antioch Development Kit and the West Bridge Astoria Development Kit.

The Turbo-MTP increases the effectiveness of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), a USB-based protocol used by Rhapsody, Napster, Verizon V CAST, and other online video and music services. MTP enables the transfer of metadata such as song titles, images, and Digital Rights Management (DRM) information. With MTP, a handheld retains access to storage even while plugged into a PC – users can still make a phone call or watch videos while connected, instead of facing a PC Connect frozen screen. MTP also removes any risks of file corruption when users unplug their handheld during a file transfer. Natively supported in Windows Media Player (WMP), MTP protocol enables direct, drag-and-drop synchronization between WMP and a handheld.

Thanks to West Bridge solutions, Media Transfer Protocol is a significant improvement over the legacy Mass Storage Class (MSC) protocol. Using MSC, users could not access any content on their handset when connected to a PC. MTP maintains simultaneous access to storage, so users can still fully use their phone or PMP while connected. Also, with MSC, users were required to use specific Safe Removal operations before unplugging the USB cable or have all stored files get corrupted. MTP is immune to this loss of data.

More information: Cypress West Bridge Embedded Solutions