u-blox PCI-5S and PCM-5S GPS PCI Express Mini Cards

u-blox introduced their GPS PCI Express Mini Card. The card enables OEMs to provide GPS and location-based services — such as personal navigation, services/people finder, and geo-tagging. The card is ideal for laptops, netbooks, mobile internet devices, and Ultra Mobile PCs.The card comes in two sizes: PCI-Express Mini Card (PCI-5S) and PCI-Express Half Mini Card (PCM-5S). The PCI-5S and PCM-5S are currently in mass production.

u-blox Rolls PCI-5S and PCM-5S GPS PCI Express Mini Cards

The PCI Express Mini Card is based on the u-blox 5 positioning engine and has a time to first fix of less than one second. The card requires only an external antenna. The cards feature u-blox’s SuperSense technology, which can track extremely weak GPS signals to -160 dBm. The PCI Express Mini Card also features Kick Start that results in a fast Time-to-first-Fix for weak signals. This enables seamless navigation in dense urban environments, even when using low-cost antennas.

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