White Papers – 2009.02.08

Recent additions to our white papers directory:

Benefits of Embedded Database
This white paper discusses the benefits of incorporating an embedded database into applications for embedded, intelligent, and mobile devices

Near Field Communication in the Real World – Moving to System on Chip Integration
This paper outlines the business case for NFC integration and highlights the key considerations that need to be taken into account when implementing a custom NFC design

Data Management for Portable Media Players
A relational database stored on inexpensive NAND flash memory is a simple solution for the organization of media on a portable media player

What are Femtocells and Picocells?
This white paper is about the business opportunity and challenges of Femtocells and Picocells

AWR Visual System Simulator
The white paper demonstrates how AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS) software suite for design and optimization of communications systems offers a modern solution

Data Management Challenges in Industrial Control Systems
This white paper from ITTIA provides an overview of industrial control systems and the role of embedded database in real-time processing

How to improve the Performance of a Mesh Wireless Sensor Network
This white paper presents Diversity Path Mesh, a technology designed to maximize the most important performance factors of wireless mesh networks, as well as their trade-off envelope

Trust me, I’m not a doctor
This white paper explains these new developments and highlights the opportunities that exist for new players to disrupt the market for consumer healthcare