NEC CE143 Camera Engine

The NEC CE143 SoC enables camera-equipped mobile phones to provide clear and high-quality images comparable to digital still cameras (DSCs). The CE143 offers mobile phones to output Full-HD (1080p) video stream and still image data up to 12 Megapixels. The CE143 features state-of-the-art image stabilizing and optical compensation technologies. The NEC CE143 also enables mobile phone manufacturers to expand their product coverage beyond traditional mobile phone market. The sample prices of CE143 are U.S. $40 per unit. Sample shipment is scheduled to begin in March 2009.

NEC CE143 SoC for camera-equipped mobile phones

NEC CE143 Highlights

  • Enables low profile camera modules
  • Noise reduction to support latest sensor types (1.4µm)
  • Lens shading correction for short focal length optics
  • Enables high performance camera features
  • Smooth digital zoom by single-frame super-resolution
  • High speed face detection
  • Image and movie stabilization
  • 12M pixel capture while smiling
  • Real time detection of up to 5 faces
  • Evaluation of your smile rate
  • Focus and adjust exposure to detected faces

More information: NEC Electronics